100 mM dUTP

Thermo Scientific dUTP (2′-deoxyuridine 5′-triphosphate) is a very stable nucleotide, supplied as a 100 mM aqueous solution titrated to pH 7.3-7.5 with NaOH. The nucleotide is over 99% pure, free from nuclease activities, human DNA and E. coli. It is designed for many different molecular biology applications.


• Purity greater than 99%, confirmed by HPLC
• Free of human DNA and E. coli
• Highly stable

Application tested in:

• Long-range PCR (40 kb)
• Synthesis of cDNA and RT-PCR
• Real-time PCR
• standard PCR
• high fidelity PCR
• Applications
• For use in all molecular biology applications, including PCR, real-time PCR, and RT-PCR with Taq DNA polymerase, cDNA synthesis, and primer extension.


dUTP is not suitable for PCR with proofreading enzymes or enzyme mixtures containing proofreading enzymes.
For research use only. It should not be used in diagnostic procedures.


  • For use with (application): PCR amplification
  • Label or Dye: Unconjugated
  • Concentration: 100 mM
  • Label type: No tag

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