ABM Prigrow III

Cells transfected with a selected ORF vector Prigrow III Medium

Other than widespread tag and loading administration antibodies, ABM moreover gives 30,000+ gene-specific antibodies which is probably going one of many largest on the planet. As a result of greatest ORF vector library we have got, scientists at ABM are in a novel place to evaluate each antibody’s specificity with lysates generated from 293 cells transfected with a selected ORF vector. Please go to our site to hunt for any specific antibody you is likely to be looking out for. Ought to you may’t uncover the antibody you are interested in, please contact our buyer assist associates and you will be assisted instantly.

SafeView Merchandise:

Carcinogenic toxicity associated to Ethidium Bromide gel electrophoresis is a severe effectively being and environmental concern. Scientists at ABM have effectively developed completely different, delicate, non carcinogenic SafeViewTM
DNA/RNA staining dyes of assorted colors (SafeView, SafeView Plus, Protected-Inexperienced, Protected-Purple, and Protected-White). SafeView Plus might be probably the most superior and guarded DNA staining dye, it has been confirmed to be superior to a different associated DNA staining dyes accessible in the marketplace.


Product Establish Measurement Cat. No.
SafeView Plus 1 ml (10,000X) G468
Protected-Pack G108 – W,G,R G108-P
SafeView 1 ml G108
Protected-Inexperienced 1 ml G108-G
Protected-Purple 1 ml G108-R
Protected-White 1 ml G108-W

Western Blot and ELISA Merchandise:
Prime quality, low value, whole-sale supplier for ECL, ELISA substrates, and a complete lot of secondary antibodies for every Western blot and ELISA capabilities.


Cellular Provides:
abm is globally acknowledged chief in most important and immortalized cell traces. We have the largest assortment of immortalized human, mouse, and rat cell traces on the planet. This incorporates immortalized human, mouse, rat hepatocytes that will’t be found wherever else. In addition to, we moreover provide reliable and fairly priced suppliers for any most important cell immortalization enterprise and iPSC enterprise. Our completely different cutting-edge cell custom merchandise embrace stem cells (iPSC), viral vectors, mycoplasma detection kits, and primary cell custom objects equal to serum and medium.
Inside our cell provides product differ are a novel assortment of Tag antibodies and Western Blot loading administration antibodies. On account of their highest top quality and low value, these merchandise are literally utilized by 70% of worldwide purchasers.


Other than these widespread antibodies, we even have over 30,000 gene-specific antibodies and the guidelines is rising day-to-day. One different distinctive assortment of cell provides is recombinant proteins for any human, mouse, and rat gene. Our recombinant proteins are so moderately priced that there is now no motive as a way to make investments your priceless time and extra expense on any unpredictable protein purification enterprise.

prigrow abm
prigrow abm

Recombinant Proteins and Protein Lysates:

(Human, Mouse, Rat)
Our in depth assortment of ORF library moreover lengthen to protein vector. We have each ORF cDNA already cloned into right protein expression vectors in a ready-to-express format. As a helpful purchaser, you may have the alternate options of shopping for a protein expression vector with any ORF cDNA of your curiosity or expressed protein or cell lysates straight from us.

Please go to our site  to go searching any ORF protein expression vector, recombinant
proteins, and constructive lysates you are interested in. Ought to you may’t uncover your provides on account of any motive, please contact our buyer assist affiliate and you will be assisted instantly.


M9CA Medium

SD7025 250g
EUR 71.75

YM Medium

SD7031 250g
EUR 70.45

TYGPN Medium

SD7032 250g
EUR 70.01

M63 Medium

SD7033 250g
EUR 71.75

M9 Medium

SD7024 250g
EUR 71.75

A Medium

DJ1018 100g
EUR 84.8

NeuroProgenitor Medium

NM42400 125 ml
EUR 304

Heller's Medium

CP014-010 10X1L
EUR 99

Heller's Medium

CP014-500 50L
EUR 126

Hoagland's Medium

CP015-010 10X1L
EUR 99

Hoagland's Medium

CP015-500 50L
EUR 126

Advanced Medium

C0003-04 RT 500 mL Bottle
EUR 103

Medium 199

C0012-01 RT 500 mL Bottle
EUR 105


D04-117-10kg 10 kg
EUR 1579


D04-117-2kg 2kg
EUR 382


D04-117-500g 500 g
EUR 140


H08-107-10kg 10 kg
EUR 2278


H08-107-2Kg 2 Kg
EUR 534


H08-107-500g 500 g
EUR 182


E05-100-10kg 10 kg
EUR 814


E05-100-2Kg 2 Kg
EUR 216


E05-100-500g 500 g
EUR 95


C03-127-10kg 10 kg
EUR 1324


C03-127-2kg 2kg
EUR 327


C03-127-500g 500 g
EUR 125


S19-110-10kg 10 kg
EUR 1021


S19-110-2kg 2kg
EUR 261


S19-110-500g 500 g
EUR 107


S19-124-10kg 10 kg
EUR 965

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