Molecision S6 Digital PCR

Molecision S6 is an integrated and automated digital PCR system that provides you with a complete platform solution for in vitro diagnostic/research. Already widely used in many application scenarios, including clinical medicine, scientific research, forensic medicine, etc., digital PCR is fueling the growth of molecular diagnostics and accelerating the development of precision medicine.

The two main characteristics of digital PCR are high sensitivity and absolute quantification, which are evident in its operation:

  • The analyzer divides the input nucleic acid sample into tens of thousands of nanoliter-sized droplets, and PCR amplification of template molecules occurs in each individual droplet.
  • By analyzing each droplet, the fraction of PCR-positive droplets in the original sample can be determined, so we can obtain the concentration of the target DNA template in the original sample.

Compared to existing PCR technologies on the market, Molecision S6 digital PCR innovatively uses a microfluidic chip and a unique oil solution, giving you the following features and benefits:

1) Fully integrated operation

2) Totally closed system

3) multiple fluorescence channels

4) User-friendly workflow

5) Profitable

At the same time, our flagship product MAGLUMI X3 was also presented at MEDICA 2022. It is a fully automatic CLIA analyzer that can process 200 tests per hour and has a small footprint (0.68 m2). Its high efficiency and compact design make it one of the most striking elements during the exhibition.

With 27 years of experience in the IVD industry, Snibe’s products have reached more than 150 countries. We have been offering comprehensive solutions with one of the widest test menus to our customers around the world. The launch of the Molecision┬« S6 digital PCR system has further enriched our line of molecular diagnostic products and will be an important milestone in our new journey in the field of molecular diagnostics.

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