Rapid Canine Brucella Ab Test Kit

The Rapid Canine Brucella Ab Test kit is based on a competitive immuno-chromatography techniques to detect Brucella Ab in dog’s serum, plasma and whole blood qualitatively. When testing, Brucella Ab in the sample combines with antigen-coated by colloid gold forming complexes, moving forward to the other head.

When reaching the T-line, the specific antigen on the membrane captures the complexes and appears in the T line, C line appears, which means the test is valid. The T line appears, which means there is no Brucella Ab in the sample.


  • Test Devices: 10 pcs
  • Capillary sampling tube: 10 pcs
  • Dilution Buffer: 1 bottle
  • Instruction for use: 1 insert


  1. Collected Blood 0.5-1mL, 3000 rev / min, centrifuged 3-5 minutes to separate the serum. Can also be 4 º C standing overnight, so that the natural precipitation of serum. Or direct test whole blood.
  2. Remove the test device from the foil pouch(If refrigerated, return to room temperature before opening the package), and place it on a flat and dry surface.
  3. Take 5 μl (capillary black scale) serum or whole blood to the sample well, and then add a drop of buffer dilution.
  4. Please wait 5 minutes.
  5. Add two drops of buffer dilution.
  6. At this time will see the wine red liquid flow through the observation window. Wait 10-15 minutes to determine the results, results will invalid after 15 minutes.

Interpretation of the test:

  • Negative:Both on T Line and C line being seen wine-red color reaction.

Rapid Bovine Brucella Ab Test Kit


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